Indicious Restaurant

Indicious Restaurant


Alphen aan den Rijn



Total Floor Area

164,57 m²

The Story

Behind the Design

The owners of the Indicious restaurant, have opened their second location in the Netherlands. They sought our expertise in crafting a restaurant design that would embody their brand identity and captivate their target audience.

The Challenges and

Our Solutions

More Clients, Good Quality of Service

Our client’s initial request was for an efficient and appealing interior layout designed to accommodate as many customers as possible while maintaining a high-quality service flow. Given the compact nature of the space, this proved to be one of the more challenging stages. In response, we started by sketching a plan, taking into account the number of customers they aimed to serve each day, along with their cooking, serving, and storage needs.

Small Space, Big Solutions

Another challenge was the low ceiling. To counter this, we utilized acoustic and vertical wall profiles, creating an impression of heightened space. Specifically designed mirrors were used to reflect the exterior landscape, offering a seamless integration of nature for those customers seated with their backs to the windows.

Hidden Take-Away Service

In response to our client’s specific request, we ingeniously incorporated hidden sliding panels in the bar area. This design feature allows for quick transfer of meals from the kitchen to couriers, streamlining their takeaway service.

Our Process

to Bring this Project to Life

The Result

Happy Endings

" It was nice working with NK interior. They could understand our idea and vision. They are very processed and help to get things. "

N. Pashine

Restaurant Owner

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