Amsterdam Apartment

Amsterdam Apartment

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Total Floor Area

80 m²

The Story

Behind the Design

Our client sought a distinctive and modern interior design that not only echoed their personal lifestyle but also enhanced the overall quality of their living space.

Beauty is

in the Details


In this newly built apartment, we carefully crafted each corner and detail, taking into account the architectural integrity of the space. To distinguish different areas and establish a unique ambiance in the living room, we implemented a step-down from the hallway to the living area, extending this architectural feature to the fireplace, thereby unifying the two elements. This strategy resulted in a doorless, or open-concept, layout across all rooms.


With an eye for creating a spacious, luminous atmosphere, we carefully curated all colors and materials. Accent lighting was thoughtfully incorporated onto the living and dining room walls to cultivate a distinctive ambiance. In our final phase, we enriched the design aesthetically through the selection of high-quality furniture and artwork, each piece chosen with specific intent.


Our Process

to Bring this Project to Life

The Result

Happy Endings

" NK Interior is a highly-driven, professional company that focuses on the customer contentment as well. They are a creative, vibrant and forward-thinking team who are experienced in various projects. I strongly recommend them for high-end projects! "

P. Cramer

Property Owner

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