Palladium Exclusive

Palladium Exclusive




Under construction

Total Floor Area

2,649 m²

The Story

Behind the Design

We are currently designing a new showroom, which is scheduled to open in 2024. The building, originally constructed around 1992, is located adjacent to a well-traveled road in Zoetermeer. With a great team involved, the construction process has commenced. We will soon share with you the final results of our efforts in transforming this space into a masterpiece. Stay tuned for more updates.

Beauty is

in the Details


The ground floor of the building spans approximately 863 square meters and is thoughtfully designed for sales and design offices, a welcoming entrance, an experience center, a warehouse, wet areas, and product displays featuring high-end furniture, kitchens, sanitary products, and more.

The first floor, which has a volume of 205 square meters, is designed to provide a spacious and comfortable working environment for employees. The layout includes an administration office, meeting room, wet area, warehouse, and canteen space.

The new design layout is intended to provide an exclusive and immersive experience for visitors, while also catering to the needs of the staff working in the space.


In keeping with the showroom’s overarching concept, an exclusive, modern, and contemporary style has been crafted to embody the brand’s identity. All colors and materials used were carefully selected to align with the general concept and to complement the products that will be showcased.

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