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Professional interior designers in Den Haag.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive services to meet all your needs.

Interior Design

We transform your new home into a high-quality and functional living space that you will cherish for a lifetime. We deliver stunning interior designs that meet your aspirations, timescales, and budgets.

Horeca Design

We design restaurants and commercial spaces that can increase your sales, productivity, and engagement. We support you at every stage of your process and offer a fully customizable suite of professional services.

Design Consultation

We uphold the principle that ‘‘Good design is good business.’’ In light of this, we provide a personalized design consultancy service tailored to boost your sales, whether you are in real estate, supply, or contracting.

Nisa Kapuagasi

Founder, Interior Designer

Who We Are

Our biggest inspiration is your goals, we create uniquely tailored interior designs that blend your personal taste with our seasoned experts. Our passion lies in crafting spaces that not only provide enjoyment and comfort but also exude a sense of belonging, thoroughly brought to life with care and affection.

We assure your satisfaction, quality craftsmanship, and efficient time management, all made possible through our skilled and methodical approach. Working with us is always a personal and exclusive experience.

How Do We Help

Whether you have purchased a new home, are revamping your existing space, or contemplating starting an Horeca business, or even if you are a realtor, supplier, or contractor looking to boost your sales, NK Interior is here to assist.

We aid in escalating your property’s value, expanding your restaurant business, and showcasing your ideas more effectively for quicker sales. To us, interiors extend beyond mere design; they embody emotion, personality, and atmosphere. We infuse these elements into your property because it mirrors who you are as an individual or what you represent as a business. For us, it simply must resonate.

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