Noordwijk Renovation

Noordwijk Renovation




Under construction

Total Floor Area

148 m²

The Story

Behind the Design

We have recently concluded the modern design of a captivating villa, originally constructed in 1978. While the renovation and construction efforts are currently underway, we are making significant progress toward transforming this property into a stunning contemporary masterpiece. Stay tuned as we continue to bring this vision to life.

Beauty is

in the Details


At the specific request of our client, we skillfully designed three bathrooms, two bedrooms, a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a guest room, a kitchen, storage areas, a work room, a living room, and a dining room. During the initial stages of interior planning, great attention was given to ensuring that the living spaces adequately cater to the needs of each family member.

Additionally, the garage has been repurposed as an additional guest room, complete with a separate kitchen and bathroom, allowing for potential rental opportunities through platforms like Airbnb.


In the living room, we incorporated custom-designed wooden sliding panels with the specific purpose of concealing the television when not in use. Adjacent to the television, two bookcases were strategically placed, featuring wooden shelves that contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. The selection of high-quality furniture and materials was delicately curated to align with our overarching concept, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic throughout the space.

The Result

Happy Endings

" Bij de zoektocht naar een interieur dat past bij de omgeving en bij onze smaak zijn we in contact gekomen met Nk interiors. Nk interiors heeft ons enorm goed geholpen in het maken van keuzes, kwam altijd met een alternatief plan om uiteindelijk met een definitief plan waarin onze wensen perfect waren ontworpen. Wat we erg prettig vonden is het contact, de heldere en vriendelijke communicatie, flexibiliteit en creativiteit van de ontwerpers. "

D. Akkerman

Property Owner

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