Utrecht Villa

Utrecht Villa





Total Floor Area

155,42 m²

The Story

Behind the Design

Our client reached out to us with the task of modernizing and spatially enhancing the interior of their newly acquired villa.

Beauty is

in the Details


Our client’s objective was to distinctly distinguish between the living and dining areas without compromising the overall sense of spaciousness. Honoring their preferences, we introduced transparent and linear wooden panels that maintain visual continuity between the living and dining rooms. This same concept was applied to divide the master bedroom and bathroom. In the kitchen, we maximized storage potential while adhering to a modern and minimalist aesthetic.


To create a dramatic effect, we blended dark and warm tones in the overall design concept. This concept was brought to life through the use of bronze, walnut, and high-end black marble, accentuated by golden and white veining, in the crafting of an eye-catching bookcase in the living room. Consistent with the rest of the house, we chose beige natural stone with dark tones for the master bedroom and bathroom, thereby creating a pleasing balance and contrast.

Our Process

to Bring This Project to Life

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