ınterıor concept

Amsterdam Apartment, The Netherlands 

In this historical apartment, every detail designed by considering the architectural integrity. In order to separate the functions of the spaces and provide a special atmosphere in the living room, a second-floor created. The long platform, coming independently from the second floor, extends to the fireplace and has a role in being a connection element between these two floors. Thus, this element creates unity in the whole space. All the colors, shapes and materials are well balanced for a spacious and bright atmosphere. The additional lighting integrated into the wall creates a soft atmosphere in the interior by filtering through the vertical form. Following this, the high-quality furniture and artwork enrich the design aesthetically.

Considering an active and functional life cycle in the general plan of the apartment, the corridors are connected in one piece to the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Dividing walls’ dimensions designed specially to separate spaces and for an open layout.